Dr. Satpal Bhanot
Chairman Cum Chief Patron,
Sigma HeaIth Training Institute, Ludhiana

Chairman's Desk

1988 was the year when this society by the name of Sigma Health Training Institute, Ludhiana in short SHTI was formed. Thereafter, the same has been got registered with the Registrar of Firms and Societies, Punjab. As the name of the Society indicates, the main objective in forming this Society was to provide health education and health related facilities to all the needy individuals of our Society. The other objective in main stream of nation for the overall development of this border State. For the better functioning of an Educational Institute so as to produce good citizens by providing them better education in a healthy and congenial atmosphere, good team work of efficient and sincere management, devotional teaching and non teaching staff and volunteers are always required. The main motto and of course the basic objective of SHTI is, CARRY ON CARING AND TREATING THE HEALTH OF MASSES BY PRODUCING A GOOD NUMBER OF TRAINED YOUNGER GENERATION OF HEALTH WORKERS, MEDICAL AND LABORATORY TECHNICIANS. NURSES, DOCTORS, PARA MEDICAL OF STAFF AND OTHER TRAINED PERSONNEL FOR TH OVERALL BETTERMENT OF THE SOCIETY.

I have been lucky enough to gather the full support of my entire family especially my sons in achieving the aims and objective of this Society. My friends from the general society as well as from the Health Department of Punjab Government have rendered full moral support in converting my thoughts to reality. I am thankful all those esteemed Doctors and the members of the. Nursing and para medical staff, who have rendered services to this institute for the ultimate cause of the society and public in general. I won't be hesitating in appreciating the long standing association with S. Bhajan Singh, the Senior most member of this Institute. The trio of S. Bhjan Singh, Madam Nirmal joshi and Dr. O.P Dhand always think seriously in formulating the teaching strategies so as to provide best ever education to the students of this Institute.