Dr. Satpal Bhanot
Chairman Cum Chief Patron,
Sigma HeaIth Training Institute, Ludhiana

Chairmen's Desk

1988 was the year when this society by the name of Sigma Health Training Institute, Ludhiana in short SHTI was formed. Thereafter, the same has been got registered with the Registrar of Firms and Societies, Punjab. As the name of the Society indicates, the main objective in forming this Society was to provide health education and health related facilities to all the needy individuals of our Society. The other objective in main stream of nation for the overall development of this border State. For the better functioning of an Educational Institute so as to produce good citizens by providing them better education in a healthy and congenial atmosphere, good team work of efficient and sincere management, devotional teaching and non teaching staff and volunteers are always required. The main motto and of course the basic objective of SHTI is, CARRY ON CARING AND TREATING THE HEALTH OF MASSES BY PRODUCING A GOOD NUMBER OF TRAINED YOUNGER GENERATION OF HEALTH WORKERS, MEDICAL AND LABORATORY TECHNICIANS. NURSES, DOCTORS, PARA MEDICAL OF STAFF AND OTHER TRAINED PERSONNEL FOR TH OVERALL BETTERMENT OF THE SOCIETY.

I have been lucky enough to gather the full support of my entire family especially my sons in achieving the aims and objective of this Society. My friends from the general society as well as from the Health Department of Punjab Government have rendered full moral support in converting my thoughts to reality. I am thankful all those esteemed Doctors and the members of the. Nursing and para medical staff, who have rendered services to this institute for the ultimate cause of the society and public in general. I won't be hesitating in appreciating the long standing association with S. Bhajan Singh, the Senior most member of this Institute. The trio of S. Bhjan Singh, Madam Nirmal joshi and Dr. O.P Dhand always think seriously in formulating the teaching strategies so as to provide best ever education to the students of this Institute.

General Secretary's Desk

A step is always required for along strides. A seed is always required tor seeing a full grown plant. A strong Foundation is always required for seeing a building, a strong building. lt is the sum total of all These things that an Institute by the name ol Sigma Health Training institute, Ludhiana is flourishing day-by-day. The generations come and go. It is the blessings of Father, Grand Father, great Grand Father and so on that the coming generations do something extra that the social cause is always served with that extra doing. I have seen my served Father Dr. Satpal Bhanot with extra qualities. He has been fully blessed by that almighty and fore father. I may skip the performance of my routine duties, but he won't skip the performance of even extra to extra duties. I may feel hot temperature in summer and shivering cold in winter, but he while having strong co-ordination and able assistance of my elder brother Sh. Labh Kumar Bhanot won't be lazy in doing what all is required. Similar is the approach of elder brother Sh. Chander Bhanot. He's doing wonderful duties around the clock for the successful running of this training institute. I am the youngest in the family and whatsoever duties are assigned to me, the Endeavour is always there to perform the same sincerely and seriously under the guidance of elder brothers like Sh. Jagjiwan Bhanot and Sh. F C Bhanot . I am proud to be a part of parcel of Sigma Health Training Institute Ludhiana.

Tajinder Bhanot (Advocate)
General Secretary,
Sigma HeaIth Training Institute, Ludhiana

Chander Bhanot
Sigma HeaIth Training Institute, Ludhiana

Director's Desk

No educational institute can be considered as a successfully running institute unless and until the management of the institute is sincere and dedicated. I feel proud in informing that Sigma College of Nursing Ludhiana has the management of kind which i have stated. The Management is so sincere and dedicated that it misses no opportunity at all end results of which is always the best ever education to the students. The Management has always endeavoured to launch new and new training courses in health related subjects. The training institute of the society have already been recognized by the concerned Government authorities to start the training courses of Diploma in General Nursing and Midwifery Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology Training course in dental Laboratory Training, A.N.M. Training course and multipurpose health welfare courses etc. I also feel proud in informing that being a member President of this educational society which has the kind patronage of my referred father Dr.Satpal Bhanot and my brother and which having the kind Co-operation of my friends, relatives, students, Teachers is not only a pleasure but a privilege for me . The entire teaching staff of the institute is so sincere and dedicated that none of them would ever hesitate to teach the students in the off hours of their classes. The practical hospital training which is begin imparted to the students is required in any particular topic or subject of their studies, the same is provided to them by having immediate access to the hospital or institution concerned. The non teaching staff of the institution is fully dedicated towards their duties. The students of the college are very disciplined and sincere towards their studies. There is very congenial atmosphere among the students and teachers. The students are always eager to help out classmates in case of their educational and other problems.

None of the hostlers would ever to spend the night in eyes if any medical problem occurs to any one of them. The parents of these students are very co-operative. They always appreciate the educational standard and strict discipline of the institute. I wish bright carrier of the students ahead. I wish the cause of the society in general is served by the active participation of the nurses technicians and health workers produced by our institution.