General Secretary's Desk

A step is always required for along strides. A seed is always required tor seeing a full grown plant. A strong Foundation is always required for seeing a building, a strong building. lt is the sum total of all These things that an Institute by the name ol Sigma Health Training institute, Ludhiana is flourishing day-by-day. The generations come and go. It is the blessings of Father, Grand Father, great Grand Father and so on that the coming generations do something extra that the social cause is always served with that extra doing. I have seen my served Father Dr. Satpal Bhanot with extra qualities. He has been fully blessed by that almighty and fore father. I may skip the performance of my routine duties, but he won't skip the performance of even extra to extra duties. I may feel hot temperature in summer and shivering cold in winter, but he while having strong co-ordination and able assistance of my elder brother Sh. Labh Kumar Bhanot won't be lazy in doing what all is required. Similar is the approach of elder brother Sh. Chander Bhanot. He's doing wonderful duties around the clock for the successful running of this training institute. I am the youngest in the family and whatsoever duties are assigned to me, the Endeavour is always there to perform the same sincerely and seriously under the guidance of elder brothers like Sh. Jagjiwan Bhanot and Sh. F C Bhanot . I am proud to be a part of parcel of Sigma Health Training Institute Ludhiana.

Tajinder Bhanot (Advocate)
General Secretary,
Sigma HeaIth Training Institute, Ludhiana